Oct 27, 2007

The Case of the Murdered Book

Hi I've noticed my mom hasn't posted for a loooong time. So I, Daughter of Golden Oasis, Daughter of PJ, have taken over....at least for now. (Muhahahahaha!!)

The case of the murdered book is very simple you know. A poor lonely book in an art room was awaken from its long sleep to find it self being stabbed and cut to death (to make a window on the front). Then later the poor book's pages was being torn out. "OWWWW!!" The book screamed. "I'm sooooo sorry little book," I said. Even though its sooooo against my conscience, I did it anyway.

So the story ends here. If the book cops come. You heard nothing from me.

My Altered Book (murdered book)

front of book

close up of front of book

Back of book made with fabric

Dreams page
Close-up of Dreams page

Chocolate page (my fave page)

Imagination page (2nd fave page)

Travel page to Egypt

Beach page

Twilight page

(note: Nugget's hair was used for the werewolf!)

"...it has the words 'Don't Panic' printed in large friendly letters..."

-as quoted from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The End

Hope u enjoyed my post! Chao for now! ~N


Tracy said...

Dear N,
Loved your book!!! You did a great Job. Love Tracy

Elaine said...

Very nice altered book. How long did it take you?

DM said...

Hitchhikers' Guide was one of my all time favorite book series. I still need a "Don't Panic" button for most of my life. I love your scrap booking. I wish I had more self-discipline to do it too.

Jeanne said...

Very nice looking altered (oops, I mean murdered)book! I see that all this blogging craziness is rubbing off on you too. It is quite contagious!

Marlene said...

I would imagine that the Chocolate page is your favorite because of all the "research" that had to go into it?