Oct 13, 2007


Please click to see the 'face'! If anyone can tell me what kind of spider this is, then I will know what name to put on the contract....I keep telling my daughter I'm going to charge this guy rent! He or she has been at this same web under our patio for a few months now! The 'little' spider is shy, remaining unseen during the day, but is out on the web catching things at night or strengthening it's web. .. so apropos for the month of October!


Sue said...

nice picture! That's Araneus cavaticus, Barn Orb Weaver. It's also female- the males are much more slender bodied.

Literary trivia of the day: this is the species in "Charlotte's Web"!

Deana said...

Well he isn't so bad after you look at him a while. I always try to remember Charlotte but it is hard not to just squish em all!

Marlene said...

Ew. Reminds me of one we had a few years ago. Am I correct that it looks a lot darker in colour in person? I found out when I took a picture of the one by our porch, the flash whited out a lot of the detail.

Kali said...

Great picture. I'm not sure what kind of spider though.

Thanks for your comments over at mine PJ. You are welcome over for a cuppa anytime ;)
You could help me with my crocheting! lol
I have saved you to my favourites again, as I had lost you when my laptop was 'having' health problems.

I think your job sounds great and as you say to get paid to do it...wow, lucky lady. I love the look and colour of your school buses, reminds me of watching Sesame Street when I was little. Ours look very different, nowhere near as charming.
You certainly live in a very beautiful area, and the views of the Mountain(s) are amazing.

Take care, Kali :)

Sonia said...

Amazing picture, Paula, but a bit scary!

Anne said...

Nice! and perfectly timed. We had one of these little gals just outside the back porch door today that I noticed. And now I know what she is! I love spiders.

Lorette said...

Cute! The variety of orb weavers that we have (by the dozens) is the common banded garden spider. Our pest guy thinks I'm nuts because I won't let him spray away the big ones who have webs in the picture windows. As long as they stay out of my bedding, I'm ok with sharing space with them.