Sep 8, 2007

A Needed Rest from Labor

Eleven Mile Reservoir State Park
I loved the little puddle!
The Indian Paint Brush were in full bloom as we began our walk.
First, had to say hi to some friends! Isn't he cute?
Which way would you go?
We had an awesome Labor how time flies. Our school district not only had Monday off, but also Tuesday....of course, if there are no kids....thus no bus driving! So, we fled deep into the mountains with our camper!
Please take this walk with me in the next few days!


Lilli said...

Ah, the great outdoors.....

......and referring to your komment, yes it was a KOA kabin :)

Sonia said...

What a beautiful Reservoir State Park, Paula! Would be great to be there with you!

Thanks for your visiting and greetings to Sofia's Birthday!

Tracy said...

I love the pictures. They look so peaceful.I just wanted to step in the pictures and visit and explore with you, except for the BUG thing:) I look forward to seeing more! Take care....