Aug 22, 2007

The Sun Flower Story

ahh...and my little bee is busy once more.
....a great capture of the storm over the mountain coming our way.
...interesting little rainbow.
The hail just speared through the beautiful leaves as if these last few months of growth meant nothing.....Sad Sunflower :(

Thank you so much for all your wonderful supportive comments. I really needed them! I feel quilty getting such nice comments and not reading your beautiful blogs...I've missed it. I have to say, I've been very consumed. Even though I have almost 4 1/2 hours during the day to myself, I've been doing many errands (various music books, prescription glasses & sunglasses, etc.) I stopped by Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up a 16" circular needles. I'm trying those new Knit Mates for a scarf I'm making my daughter....I've finally succumbed to making a 'Slytherin' scarf. I'm loving the colors, but it's just knit, knit, knit. I'm really antsy lately and I fear the boredom factor .....or not.
Maybe it's EXACTLY what I need right now!


Donna said...

It's always so hard to start a new job. I can imagine with all those lives in your care that it is very intense work too. I worked a split shift (am, home, pm) one day a week in a public library. That day was so long and exhausting. 2 commutes and loads of rushing in between my hours. Do you work morning and afternoon? I'll be thinking of you when I see the buses roll by!

zippiknits said...

Oh my goodness, that is a tough job, driving a school bus. Hugs for you that all will now go smoothly and great the rest of the year.

Your poor little sunflower. :O( sheesh, hail is heartless. The sundog picture is truly spectacular! Thanks for sharing your nature piccies. Lovely!

Deana said...

The last of my sunflowers has flopped over and I am going to miss them so so much. What great happy majestic plants they are. I love your pictures. Glad to here you are happy and busy and well...doing great!

Lilli said...

It's funny how life goes in cycles, isn't it? You would have to be consumed right now, because there's so much to learn and master...big responsibility.

How is the 'knit mate' working out?

Rebekah said...

You know I bought 3 packages of sunflowers this year to plant, and then lost them and never bought more. I just love sunflowers.

Jeanne said...

What a cheerful bright sunflower you have in your yard. How did it fair after the storm? I am curious as to what a "knit mate" is? I will have to go Google it and find out!!

carolyn said...

Now I'm feeling bad for not stopping by sooner, you must have been so worried when your bus was hit. Glad all you got was the extra paperwork. Loved the photograph of that squirrel and of course sunflowers always make me smile.