Sep 10, 2007

Our trail

We chose the 'right' trail...and it lead us along this little valley.
I just LOVE this tree!!! I think it was a Bristle Cone Pine. I wonder how old it is? (they live for hundreds of years in rough climate)
More of the valley... this is approx. 8,600 Ft. elevation. Don't you just love the old fallen tree? Me and my daughter just loving our trail. A few times I would take off jogging...I would remember the days I would do that where I grew up. I would love to jog off-road through the forests. The cool breeze. The freedom from everyone and everything. Of course, I'm not in shape for it this time, but just to do it (however short of time..or breathe) felt absolutely liberating. My daughter thought I was crazy..hence her t-shirt...she would help at events in San Diego ..not run them! hahahaha


Lilli said...

Hey Jogger-Woman! How wildly beautiful this area is! Good for you, for experiencing it firsthand :)

Jeanne said...

It looks as though this move to Colorado and all it has to offer really agrees with you. My sister-in-law just retired and moved to CO also (Hot Sulpher Springs) and their daily routine includes a morning hike. The scenery surely is beautiful.

Deana said...

I am so excited to see a photo of you and your daughter! Very nice. The trails you have are amazing. You truly live in God's country.

Martin, my hubby, will be in Montana next week, another beautiful state...but I will be left with the contractors doing our home remodeling. Lucky me!

I do love that shot! You guys look so happy and so beautiful!

DM said...

Wow PJ, is your daughter that much taller than you now? She's getting so grown up. So I give-up on what other purpose the tree hugging would serve. You have to enlighten us Texans.
Love to you all,

Tracy said...

Love of the pic of you and N. What a wonderful getaway! I enjoyed sharing it with you and yours.

vanessa said...

million watt smiles :-)