Aug 7, 2007

I haven't forgotten...

Remember this? Well, I forgot to share my swatch!
I don't know exactly why, but my scallops are overlapping!? My kids think I did it on SSHHHH! Now, this swatch hasn't been blocked, for I just wanted to get a gauge. At this point, I'm happy with the size and I'm not going to change anything because I have to agree with my kids- It's cute overlapping!
My rescued marigolds are doing awesome! I bought two trays of half dead flowers for $1.20...I would say I saved 75% of them! They are gorgeous! You know the yellow in this flower looks like a school bus. HA!! obsessed am I? I think so! Another great day.....but, I beg you and everyone you know.... please stop when you see those red lights and stop sign...I already had a car pass from the back and come zooming around on my left through that zone! Scared the crap out of kids had JUST crossed. What if it had been two seconds sooner....???? URG! It went so fast I didn't have a chance to get the licence plate.
Anyway, have a great afternoon! (or morning)


rebekah said...

Oh I like that swatch very much, and now your giving me some ideas.

When I was little, marigolds were my absolute favorite. Each year the nursery would give each child a marigold, so I always had a flower of my own each summer.

Sue said...

I've always felt that buses should come equipped with traffic cameras, like at intersections. That way the idiots who endanger the kids will be caught. Scary, for sure.

Love the marigolds, too! One of my favorite flowers, especially that flower type.

Mirre said...

Beautiful flowers!

Tracy said...

I love how the swatch has come out.and I love the flowers.