Aug 6, 2007

Awesome A.M.

My morning went absolutely GREAT! I didn't have kindergartners or 7th/ 8th graders, but the kids that got on this morning were great and I very smoothly, after they were sitting and before I took off, welcomed then to bus #5 and my name (I'm using ‘Ms. First name’) that was a last minute thought...I really didn't know..some say it's better to use last names, but its up to the driver.) I talked about some expectations and ask them many questions....put the ball in their court like "Oh, yeah...where does the trash go?" (instead of telling them) of course when they said the right answer I was double thumbs up for them. I told them if they have any questions for me- just ask! I consoled a tearful 6th grader girl...I let her know my son is starting his first day. I like how these middle schools are doing it...6th grade only for the first day is total introduction for them. I announced that before I let them off and told them remember there is only 6th graders just like yourselves and you guys are going to do great...etc. Oh my gosh… if I didn't have already two middle-school children tell me, "Thank you for driving our bus" "I'm glad your our bus driver!" Just let me CRY!!!!!!!! I told him that meant a lot to me. (more than those children will ever know! I didn't let on that I'm brand new at this! (kids could use that, if you know what I mean) MOREOVER, I was only 2 min. late to one school and all the rest were right on time and with breathing room in-between (good sign with having more kids tomorrow!) Not bad for a 'new-bie' ;)
This picture is from outside Eleven Mile State Park...there is a huge reservoir there we will be staying at for Labor Day.
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