Aug 9, 2007

Haze Grey...and not yet Underway!

Our home.Home away from home for many years. (left behind in San Diego)

Seriously..... notice anything strikingly familiar? We had our house painted (same color that it was when we bought it), but came out a tad darker to every ones delight...but really....we need a HULL number!!!!
Of course, my husbands' saying on the back of his truck really say it all! We are planning to clear out some old overgrown juniper bushes and put posts up with ship road draping around the front stairs area. That will be a 'next summer' project. Look who's blooming?
HELLO! Welcome my sweet little bees :)


PJ said...

Just testing the comment section-some saying they can't comment.

carolyn said...

Just catching up - Nuggets puppy photographs were just so adorable!
Our sunflower is a gift from the birds this year.

Deana said...

I have taken the day to catch up to my old friends. Our last summer fling is behind us and the kids go back to school Tuesday so my blogging should become normal again! I am excited about your new job and your flowers look great. I had to go catch up on everything!

Shelley said...

Hmm...maybe you could paint you house number in giant figures on the front of your house to resemble a ship number ;o) hehehe!

Tracy said...

I had a laugh!! Its funny how things work out.(meaning the color of the house)So L is never far from the boat:) take care my friend!

Rebekah said...

I think its interesting how our subconscious will always go towards things we are familiar with. Like my sister and I picking out the exact same wedding invitations. However my wedding was 13 years after hers!