Jun 24, 2007

Summer Thoughts

A treat I made a few weeks ago.... perhaps it's time again?
My new favorite find!
Perfect saying for today fromGolden Oasis!

Usually I have a specific thing in mind to blog about, but today is different. I'm just saying what comes to mind or what is happening. Most of the time routine things seem so stale to me, yet I understand what is routine to me may not be routine to you.
There is a comfortable feeling in my home. My daughter did ok with her four wisdom teeth extraction on Friday and looks like she is healing well. My husband is doing some home projects outside that he has wanted to get to. Lately, he's been working until 7 or 8pm..no time other than weekends. I worked on a plant bed in the front yesterday. Talk about soreness...digging in the rocky mountains just isn't the same as digging in.. say...Florida! duh Getting our home the way we like it is such a comfortable feeling.....that restless feeling of the prior years is melting away. I wanted to make something for a friend with some Wool-Ease that I got on clearance, but I seem to have misplaced that pattern. I'm starting on another washcloth for my husband....he actually uses the other! I never said anything to him, I just folded it on the towel rack in his bathroom after I was done, and I see he is using it :) Another comfortable feeling.
I finished True Believer by Nicholas Sparks....good, but... I'm still having a problem reading popular fiction (I guess that is what you call it) My soul is wanting to pick up a classic. I'm feeling a Dickens book is next. Perhaps his mystery story that he was unable to complete before his death. (The Mystery of Edwin Drood) or I may read Hard Times.
A final summer thought: My son and his friend (both almost 11) have had lemonade stands...one time making $10 the other day $20!!! ...and this is at .50 cent a cup! Of course, they did go to the corner of a main road and the entrance to our section of neighborhood.
I'm feeling like a homebody lately....there are many wonderful places to explore, but I just want to sit and enjoy my comforting home thoughts.


  1. No place like home, right?!

  2. I can see you are very happy and feel good with your family life! I am glad for you! Kisses!

  3. Sounds like you guys are in heaven, so content.

  4. Hi Paula, if you have the time, take a look on my brand new blog named ONLY PHOTOS where I will post only photos without words.

    Have a nice week!

  5. This does all sound comfortable :) I'm looking forward to that same feeling in our new house. Until then it will be the comfort of knowing that my students have a nice studio to come to, of knowing that all our possession are in the new house, and of putting things where we want them to be. Setting up house. You remember that from not too long ago, right?

  6. have you read those 2 books i'm always harping about to cathy?
    "these is my words", and "sarah's quilt" both by nancy turner.

  7. This is a sweet post. It feels comfortable and comforting. I know what you mean! I'm back at home this month after a month of traveling here and there across the country. While it was fun to visit family members, I'm so glad to be home!!!


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