Jun 20, 2007

Go Take a Hike!

A friend bathing in pollen :)
It was a gorgeous day yesterday for a walk in Palmer Park!

Beautiful moss rocks....with grass that could grow anywhere! How tender growing plants are...yet the places they grow with questionable conditions. That continues to amaze me.Pikes Peak beyond the bristle cone trees. Not a cloud in the sky!

Now I know where ONE of those 99 Red Balloons went!!....remember that song?

Looking west from Palmer Park. At the right-center you will see the Garden of the Gods.


Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Wow! Just gorgeous place, Paula! Love all photos and the video, too! But Nugget is just gorgeous! She looks always adorable!

vanessa said...

stunning photos pj!
good luck on the new job :-)

Sue said...

Beautiful! Love those rock spires. And of course, who can resist Nugget!

Mirre said...

Those rocks are fantastic!

Lilli said...

Stunning! Going on a hike in a place like that is so freeing, isn't it? Enjoying those long views that reassure you that you can see everything, and that it's beautiful :)

Rebekah said...

what lovely pictures, it looks like you all must have had a wonderful time. Although Nugget does look a bit parched. :-)

Great now I'm going to be singing that song all the way home.

Ganymede said...

These photographs are stunning. Is there a monthly Colorado magazine? We have Texas Highways and it's full of this kind of photography. You should be submitting yours somewhere.