Jun 16, 2007

My Dear Smart Readers....

Many of you are CORRECT! This is just a on-line link, however, those pictured are what I've been trained on for the past two weeks for Falcon School District- they look just like that - most are Internationals and Freightliners! It's been awesome...first week about 40 training hours from everything from transmission fluid/slack adjusters needing to be at a 90 degree and no more than 1" slack, airbrakes, special need transportation, city driving, parallel parking (yes, it can be done and actually very easy...once you know what your doing), and MUCH MORE then finally receiving my CDL licence! Then, last week driving with REAL children (summer school)! Imagine that! Entrusting me on these roads with our children...thankfully, the routes driver was there pointing out where to go! (and giving pointers)
I have a couple of more days to go and than I'm done until end of July when I will have a route to practice and school starts August 6th!


  1. Well, I guessed taxi...first thought was taxi cab, but hey, you are a taxi driver for kids. Good luck and have a blast.

  2. Not IKEA then ;))
    Congratulations on your cool new job!!

  3. Coolio! What an important job! I'm sure they could tell right away that you were trustworthy :)

  4. Yay I guessed right! That should be a fun job - hope it's not too hot out there this summer!


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