May 2, 2007

How does your garden grow?

It's a rainy day today and very dark outside...what better thing to do than plant some seeds! I'm so excited because this is a first for me! I'm usually the type that goes to the local store and buys existing plants, but I wanted to really try this! Not sure how green my thumb is, but I wore my green t-shirt! I found another use for my Oasis...not only craft/computer/tv/guest, but SEEDLING room!- hope they like my green walls!

Last night I finished a quick scarf with some $4 yarn that was on sale for $1...I broke my 'use my stash' promise and actually I should probably take that button off my blog because I've fallen off the wagon waaaay too many times. My daughter wanted a scarf with this Paton Pooch yarn. Very soft with wool & nylon mix.

I'm now off to the library on Peterson Air Force Base to find some treasures and drop some give away magazines/books off. They have a great 'take one, leave one' exchange policy. Anyway day is a great library day, but my DH went up to Denver for the formal checking in and should be there most of the the library is calling me.


Mirre said...

I hope your plants will grow well!

Lilli said...

Have fun with those seeds! Their daily progress is such a miracle :)

Sonia said...

Your daughter looks beautiful!

Good luck with those seeds!

carolyn said...

Good luck with your seedlings, I often forget to prick them out and pot them on in time so I get lots of casaulties.

Jeanne said...

I don't do so well with that "Use my stash" plan either. It's good in theory, but in order for it to work for me the stores would have to stop bringing in new merchandise and what fun would that be? I got a few new goodies in the mail today....that doesn't count, right? :)

Deana said...

Hope your planting goes well. I've tried a ton of seeds this year but I get so impatient...the existing plants are way easier and I have re-bought everything except what I couldn't find a plant for!