May 5, 2007

Books, Books, Books...

Sonia at Leaves of Grass had a great idea to share where we keep our books! Books- what a wonderful topic- after all, I'm PJ and I am addicted to books!

Mind you, my books are not completed organized the way I want because just to get them out of their stuffy boxes was the goal after the move! Of course, one of the many things that sold this house on me were the complete bookcases on either side of the fireplace insert in the family room! I recall when we were discussing about three houses we had narrowed it down to- I certainly had my input about this one having 'those bookcases' you know what my husband had said? "What bookcases- I don't remember them?" *shudder* ..needless to say, on the second walk through I pointed them out!!!

Above is my craft books (not all).....I can sit on the floor and look at those forever! I'm just not done putting things the way I want them. The process feels wonderful to me.

Has anyone seen that Hallmark movie/DVD, "Love Comes Softly"? Marty's first husband had an issue with all her books in the wagon and they should have been thrown over instead of the beans and stores.... I just had to laugh because that was my husband...."There are too many book boxes" "This is going to be putting us over our limits" (which it didn't!) Well, just the other night we were relaxing on the couch and he was looking at the book case and said, "I guess you didn't have that many books after all..... they fit very nicely in there"
This bookcase is in the living room...again WIP...mainly I wanted all my classics in there and the immediate books I'd like to get to.
Finally, there is a case that my husband made a few years ago. A classic set from the '50's are in there and some old readers I have found along the way. What is the oldest book you own? I love older books....but I was touched when my mom just recently handed down our family Bible. (black book in-front of my crewel pillow that I had made) This Bible
well used Bible is from my Great Grandma on my mothers side. She was a wife of a Episcopal minister in New England. I can't remember what state, but the Good Book Dates back to 1880. It is one of my honored possessions. My Raggedy Ann's certainly enjoy them when we aren't looking! ;)

Well, in the move I have lost my Borders Rewards card!*shudder* once more! I called the 800# and a very pleasant customer service, updated my email, and I will have to go to a local store and get a new one and my credits will be transferred over. She said I have $41 left until I get some cash, that's one trip there! We have a list of 6th grade books that my son wants. For instance, Sounder, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, Gentle Ben, Born to Fly, Stowaway, etc. and of course, my daughter wants....oops, can't say....she reads my blog and her birthday in at the end of the month!!!! So, if she is reading, she probably won't be getting any books because she has my same addiction. hahaha

My daughter is starting Mice of Men...funny, had to come to CO from CA to get some Steinbeck! I have not read that one, so I've pulled mine from my shelf and will read along. I linked the copy I have. She said to read to page 66, but not sure how that equates to my version.

I could go on and on about books, but must end a post some time! Love being with you all and can't wait to see your bookshelves!!...and don't forget to show your oldest book!


Sue said...

I love books, too. And was a little overwhelmed when we moved last fall to see how many we (I) have. The bulk of our books are my field guide and reference types. I will not part with them! I have quite a few scifi as well (Most of the Anne McCaffrey titles).

My oldest books, hmmm. I have a set of "My Book House" from 1920 that were my grandmothers, and she got them new when she was a girl. I also have a set of the same from 1925, that are a different printing and have different covers. Why I need two sets, I don't know, but I like them.

I will also eventually have a family Bible that came over from Sweden with my great-grandfather. It was printed in 1876, the year he was born. It's still at my Dad's house now, because I didn't want to risk it getting lost by the airlines on the way home in March. It's in Swedish, obviously, and has lots of family birth, marriage, and death records in it.

Stephanie said...

Sheesh - you do not want to know how many books I have. Probably close to a thousand!

My oldest book is a collection Edgar Allen Poe's letters which I haven't even read since the pages are still uncut.

I've also got the Wizard of Oz series from the 70's when I was a kid. You know the white spine hardback versions? I love them!

Love your Raggedy Ann's too. :)

Sonia said...

Great post, Paula! I love it! Thank you! I am glad you show up your bookshelves and told stories about them. I enlarged the pictures and I can appreciate the arrangements. I see on the top of the shelf a golden sun, very beautiful. I remember it! This art craft was made by your brother, right? On the other shelf I see many dolls and my daughter has an identical, just the little one! I think it's a typical american doll.

I will add your link on my blog right now!

Have a lovely Sunday!

vanessa said...

love the new bookcases! and the case with the raggedy anns :-)

when my son was your son's age, he enjoyed jack london's books.

my oldest book is my dad's nursey rhyme book.

Cathy said...

Love your book post. I would play along except the bookcases (all 7 of them) in the basement are blocked by the remodeling essentials.

Deana said...

I LOVE Steinbeck. I love all the classics best anyway.
I need to do a books photo spread...Lord knows we got 'em. We give a ton away as gifts because Martin gets so many we just can't keep them all.

Your cabinets look very nice!

Vik said...

I enjoyed this post very much, Paula! I love reading too! And... what can I see in one of your pictures? ... Rageddy Ann! I love her too! Will take a pic and show mine! ;)

carolyn said...

Books love em but don't they just breed!