Apr 13, 2007


We awoke at normal time (6:30 am) and turned the news on. They had the schools at the bottom of the screen showing 2 hour delay starts! We went back to sleep and worked on our beauty rest! Awoke around 9ish- turned on the tv and now they showed- NO SCHOOL!!! YIPPEE!! No school in April! The weather is amazing. I think they were unsure what this storm is going to look like later today.

I have some very interesting and wonderful news! I have been nominated by my friend in Brazil for:

What an honor! Thank you- I do try to 'think' about what I want to share! Well, the rules are if (and only if) you are nominated for this award, you must pass the Thinking Blogger Award to five others and describe why! Now, I really dislike to leave you 'hanging', but I really do need to 'think' about my five nominations! ha-ha, so while I'm playing in the snow throwing snowballs at my kids- I will think!

I just love the color of the sky above my morning cup of coffee! It is now snowing again!


Sonia said...

Hi Paula! Thanks for the link to my place! I know there are numerous great blogs out there and the decision is very hard! Later I will return to read your choices.

Love the photo of the mug and the snow! Wow! Looks very cold indeed!

Vik said...

Hi Paula, congratulations for your nomination! ;)
Love the picture of your morning cup of coffe in the middle of the snow!

Deana said...

I saw you over at Sonia's....congratulations. I couldn't do five either so I wrote up a 2 part post on all my bloggers I love!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations of being nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award. That is quite an honor!!