Apr 14, 2007

It's Official -Grits & Sticks Day!

Let me introduce you to an episode of Sponge Bob Squares Grits! Wait a minute....
Ok, well, Squidward was commenting, "What in the world who would eat that??" Sp. Bob had counted every grit before I put it in the pot. Mr. Krabs thought I was adding too much butter (gasp) since it cost too much!
It's a cool day so we have our 'fire' on and I'm still working on my childrens chenille type knitted throws. The crew is sitting on my daughters. OK, now I think they are ready!
Ohhhh, the grits warm me as they go down. Perfect timing!


Kris said...

Happy World Grits Day! I love your post. Too cute.

The Knitting Wannabe

carolyn said...

Congrats on your thinking blog award you deserve it. Love the doggy yarn etc, maybe I should start to save a fe of our "tumbleweeds".

Debi said...

Tell Sponge Bob and company they don't know what they're missing! Besides I don't thing grits are allowed in pineapples under the sea! :)

Cute post, happy WGD!

Lorette said...

This is just the most hilarious grits photo I've ever seen!