Apr 12, 2007

Remember this Picture?

Back in February I shared a picture of Nuggets hair being sent off to C - 5 quart baggies of pure dog hair!

Wellll, after opening a lot of boxes I received a wonderful box to open! The yarn is absolutely beautiful and soft! Nuggets hair was mixed with gorgeous Alpaca named Tim K! THANK YOU SO MUCH C for doing this for me- it came out absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to work with it. So, the question is....what should I make? There is 307 yds!
Inside the box was some beautiful socks, of course, in my favorite Golden color to match my Oasis :)
One cute puppy button attached to the outside of each sock. Awesome touch!
....and Nugget even received a bone for all her hard work of shedding! ;} Thank you C for such wonderful gifts from your heart!


Sonia said...

Wow! That is great, awesome, Paula! What an amazing idea you and Cathy had! Maybe you can do a cap to the children....
I love so much the yarn color!
Congratulations Nugget! You deserve a big bone, indeed!

Cathy said...

I am so glad it arrived safely. I was a bit worried. The sweater to my dad (just a bit west of you) arrived a few days later - mailed the same day. I sent Laurie (etherknitter) something and it was destroyed in the mail.
Now you and Nugget can save her coat when she blows it soon.

I say a hat for every member of the family. :-)

Lilli said...

Oh my Goodness, what an amazing saga, from doggie to baggie to....whatever you dream up :)

Paula said...

I like the idea of hats for everyone too.
However, with only 307 yds of yarn you will only have enough to knit one hat. So,you will need a few skeins of a co-ordinating yarn colour, if you want hats for everyone. You could use Nugget's yarn as the trim or a stripe.

Roll brim hat.
Easy Roll-Brim Knit Hat Recipe http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/archives/2005/06/easy_rollbrim_k_1.php

Lorette said...

Riley is coveting that bone!

You could also make mittens for the family, and use the puppy yarn along with a coordinating color so you'd have enough for everyone. Make everyone's coordinating color different so you can tell them apart.

Deana said...

You're kidding me? I've seen where people are doing that with pet hair....it looks so nice, so soft, so pretty. And how sweet to have a piece of Nugget with you!

Jeanne said...

That is absolutely awesome. I never knew that something useful could be made of dog hair. I wonder what can be made with cat fur?

vanessa said...

fantastic presents!!!!!