Apr 9, 2007

End of 'Spring' Break

View from my garage on Easter!
I just love these beautiful Blue Spruce trees in the front! You should hear the birds in the morning!
Driving up our street. It's the quietest/widest street I've ever lived on!
...and just couldn't help but to capture my son's 2nd phase of treatment- braces! (he's quite proud of them....a very positiv patient!)(yes, that's red and blue...and the teeth for 'white')

Today the kids went back to school, so I played catch up with the knit-picky things I've let go for the past two weeks. I have some wonderful things to show you tomorrow! Think back to that box of DOG HAIR I had in the back of my car and I mused about if I was on COPS or something and they asked me, "Ma'am, do you mind if I search your vehicle"...you know the kilo of GOLDEN HAIR......just wait.


carolyn said...

Wow it looks like Christmas!

Sonia said...

Love so much the view from your garden and your street too! Just beautiful, Paula!

Tell to your son that his teeth with the braces is very cute!

Cathy said...

Ah, the fun and expense of braces. I remember those days - they are cute!

Okay. Now I am braced.

Rebekah said...

Isn't this weather so odd! I heard that over this last weekend there were over 150 low temperature records broken. It's insane!

Deana said...

That is a far cry from San Diego huh? Do you miss the warmth? The snow is beautiful so I guess that makes it tolerable.

I love your son's colorful grill! Very cute for braces!

And congrats for the award at Sonia's!

vanessa said...

nice teeth! my dd's retainer is blue with naval avation wings in gold :-)