Apr 26, 2007

...I have the answer to last post!

..so, it was blizzard two days ago and this morning we were greeted by a gorgeous sight!

While I was capturing the morning balloon a rabbit ran across the road to my lawn (towards me!)...crazy!

Just click on that tail...too cute!!

I received gorgeous yarn that I had won with my Grits&Sticks picture at KnittingWannabe ..included in the box was a coupon :) thanks you so much and I will definitely keep your store in mind!

....and ALSO I received a gift from Woven-N-Spun for getting the closest guess to what her 'Squishy' was... I adore it- Thank you so much!

...all this proves the meaning of it all! What a wonderful day!


carolyn said...

Looks like you just got our weather after a few weeks of lovely spring sunshine it has now gone cold amd grey.

vanessa said...

your karma must be really good!

Deana said...

I hope wonderful things continue to happen for you! You must have a good positive energy going....great photos. I love the little bunny.

Lilli said...

I luv da cute widdle bunny !

Sonia said...

What a beautiful view Paula!
How can you photograph this rabbit! I have been failed, they run very fast on my garden.

jennhx said...

What a sweet little visitor you had! So cool! There are 'wild' rabbits in Seattle in some parks - mostly former pets and their descendants - and it's very neat to see them hopping around so close too. Congrats on your wonderful winnings and gifts, they look neat. What is the "Paula" thing? A bookmark or a stitch marker?