Feb 13, 2007

Bye, Bye Tea Party

As we are about to box up the computer, curtains taken down, and bare walls surround......we reflect once more. We lived on a street called Tea Party Lane...as I try to get the last minute things together I thank my house for keeping us safe and warm.....it's been a good house. Packers will be here bright and early....I will try not stress as I normally do during that period of time. (key word-try) I know our stuff will be in a semi off to some storage place in the Springs sometime end of Feb. -once it's out of sight...I will feel a little less stressed. I don't expect internet until the 20th...which is fine-

If you notice the picture above with the trees is the 'advatar' I have when I leave comments, but a couple of nights ago it was a gorgeous muted pink. I will certainly miss the sunsets from my patio, but I look forward to sharing my upcoming mountain sunsets soon!

Thank you so much, once more, for all your sweet comments......I can certainly feel your love and support!!!! .....don't worry, my absent won't be long because I already miss you all ;+)


Lilli said...

Your feelings are so familiar to me, of course, my move being so recent.

I hope everything goes smoothly and easily for you, that you feel at all times that you are in the right time in the right place, with everything unfolding as it should.

Looking forward to your new mountains :)

Lorette said...

Good luck on your move! It's so weird having all your belongings ride off in a truck. Just get your knitting out and don't stress while the boys are packing everything up!

Charleen said...

I only lived in Boulder for a year but I miss the beautiful mountain views. I'll be looking forward to your new photos.

May the roads rise to meet you. May the wind be at your back.

Rebekah said...

What beautiful pictures! Have a safe journey! Can't wait to hear from you again.

Sonia said...

Good luck on your move, Paula!
I am looking forward to see the pictures of your new home and your city! Many hugs!

Jeanne said...

Are you serious? You live on Tea Party Lane?? That is awesome!!! I bet I know "someone" you is going to have a wonderful Valentine's Day this year!!!

Kali said...

yes, they are beautiful sunsets, but I too look forward to seeing your new mountain sunsets in the future.
I hope you had a lovley Valentine's Day...and I look forward to your posts when you are set up and ready to go again.
Take care, Kali :)

Deana said...

Great pictures...glad to hear your traveling is going well. Sorry your son isn't feeling well. I know the kids hate to leave their friends at this age but I'm sure they're happier that their dad is home with them now.