Feb 9, 2007

Blog Update 2/9

Hi Everyone! Thank you for all your wonderful comments- DH is home and we are all finally together as a family! We are just tying up loose ends before the movers come! It's odd that there will be no picture with this post, but I just wanted to test my 'mail to blogger address' feature on my blog. Lot's of little things to do from cleaning out grills, getting updated military ID's, calling to cut of cable/phone (which takes forever!), thinking of things I need to put aside (since all our household goods will be in storage until we close on a house).
Rest assured...I will be working on my crochet afghan squares and knitted throws...but also want to catch up on my reading in Knit/Crochet Classic.
I will definitely keep everyone up to date on my journey!

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Emily said...

Moving, must be horrible! I mean, I haven't done it (this is the first place I live after home with mom) but even now - without kids - I can't imagine what a big thing it would be.

Speaking about cutting cables (or telephone lines) : over here it's a pain in the ass too. When you ask them too they take forever (but well, ones the papers are signed and official it's their business and they can't charge you for it). When you don't want to loose your cable they are quick enough! We recently had this big issue with the cable company (also our telephone company). "We" (my in-laws) own this building for more then 5 years now and the cable company finally figured that out and said they would cut our cable. Hello!!! Anyway, we asked them to just transfer the subscription to us but they said it wasn't possible as we weren't family of the previous owners. After some calls they promissed to do the switch anyway, but we never got the bill and they cut us off!!!! And of course it took them forever to re-install and all. I was so angry!

Oops, sorry, rambling. Hope to the move goes smooth and you find a nice new home!


Rebekah said...

Yeah, I'm so glad he arrived home safely!

Sonia said...

I am so glad with the happy news! Good luck with your work!

carolyn said...

Glad he is home safe and sound, good luck with the move.

Ganymede said...

My sweet sister I have been shouting praises to the Lord so loud this morning that I think you must be able to hear me all the way in CA. I'm sorry I've been off in my own little world and not being of more support in these last few days.

God is good, all the time and everywhere.
So happy.


Charleen said...

I'm so happy for you and your family. Enjoy each other!

Jeanne said...

So happy your family is reunited again....for good this time! Loved the photos in your previous post....so patriotic. Thanks again to you DH for all he does for this country.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your move! :O)

Deana said...

My Internet problems prior to our trip and the lack of blogging on vacation has put me behind. I was going down reading all the good things going on with you guys. First let me say that I love your pictures...you all look so happy. Second let me say that I know a whole lot of single gals that would have loved a tour of that ship! And third, I am so very very happy that you guys are together again as a whole family unit. You know that I am wishing you nothing but the best! Hugs! Deana