Feb 1, 2007

Birds of a Feather!

Where did that one come from? A Coast Guard bird!

Thank you all for your well wishes for our upcoming anniversary! It's exciting- many he has missed, so regardless of the move...or little things like being without a home...as long as we are together! :)

Ok, enough mushy stuff! You bird-people get out your books...lets compare notes on my above birds! I just love the third picture with 4 different types hanging out together!


  1. A robin, cardinal, bluebird. Aw, you know I'm kidding :)

  2. Clockwise from upper left: (1)Marbled Godwit, (2) Heermann's Gull, (3) Royal Terns, (4) two Heermann's Gulls (one in breeding plumage with white head!), two Royal Terns, two Western Gulls, and I can't tell what the little sandpiper-type is at the edge of the water is.

    Great pictures! Looks like a fun trip to the beach.

  3. happy happy anniversary pj!
    my dh still has fond memories of san diego.
    more than 40 years later, every time he have a beautiful low humidity day here, he always says, "southern california weather!"

  4. Can't compare, our English birds tend to be different to yours. It was always one of the things I found strange about visiting the USA that the birds even sounded different - they too had American accents!

  5. Wow Sue had all the answers! I think the coast guard is a really neat service.


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