Jan 31, 2007

Just Can't Do It

Okay, let's face it...I've been lacking in the knitting & crochet department! I'm not pushing it or making myself feel bad for it...when I'm preoccupied- I just can't do it!! There- I said it.

Glad to get that off my chest. I will slowly plug along on the simple garter stitch boredom...opps..did I say that? I meant garter stitch throws for my kids. They are suppose to be a 'going to Colorado' gift....so if you are reading this, N, I'm still working on those!!!! I do like the velvet like texture- very soft and quite easy to knit with.

Have you ever had a UFO that you find out later that you are much further along than you remember? That is Robert Bear in pieces- 7 small pieces left to do, but he will be snuggly fit in a box in the moving truck. Of course, after really looking at the pieces-I'm hoping errors will be hidden in the seams when sewn together. We'll see.

I haven't touch my squares since my DH left after his emercency leave in December. I'm not touching them until he's back. That will be going along with me in my blazer- now, just have to figure how to hook while driving! HA!

Finally, an update. Some time soon DH will be airlifted off his ship once more for good. I'll spare the exact dates for security reasons, but I will say he should be home February 6th! We are all SO excited and just can't wait for that final trip to the airport to pick him up!

Packers will be here February 14th, moving truck the next day, and hand over the keys on the 16th. Which happens to be our 17th anniversary! WOW- homeless on our anniversary ;) I want to go to Red Lobster, for that is the place we were when we decided to have our first child! (yes, that's you, N!)

I was also thinking that I might surprise him and go back to the place where we were married. See, I didn't make it clear in yesterday's post, we started out here in San Diego. Then, three years into our marriage, we left for many other places. In 2003 we returned to San Diego. Don't get me wrong, our inner compass is in Colorado, but I want to capture the beauty while I'm here!

Stay tuned because my next post will be 'going to the birds'!


Sue said...

Happy anniversary! And SUPER HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS for getting DH home for the last time!

Lilli said...

So excited for you to welcome DH home! You must be walking on air. Shortly after Steve and I fell in love, he went away to school in Europe for 3 months, came back for us to have a blissful week together, and then went away for another 3 months. What torture! That's as close as I get to understanding what your live must've been like all these years.

Deana said...

I am so excited for you and your husband. You seem like such great people and I am really wishing you and the kids the best! Go to Red Lobster!

keri said...

Happy anniversary and best wishes on picking up your roots and moving to a new spot! =)

carolyn said...

What brilliant news, bet you can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I have just taken up crochet any tip or ideas on a good easy starter project for a newbie? Thanks.

Lorette said...

Happy Upcoming Anniversary! And such good news that he'll be home for good soon. I can't even imagine how slow the days must be creeping along for you.

Jeanne said...

How great that you two will be able to be together for your anniversary. And better yet, your DH will be home for good! It won't be long now!