Feb 2, 2007

Birds II

Ok, round two- I'm sure Sue can fill us in ;) (hope she will)
I have my list, but I may be stumped on the hairy one! HA -It just feels odd to me that right next to the ocean water we had a little friend poke it's head out!

Things I'm doing this weekend-
  • enjoy the fact that this is the last weekend by myself
  • knit on the throws
  • make a dent in our Knit/Crochet Classic book of the month- 'Brideshead Revisited' by Evelyn Waugh
  • start filling out loan papers (have the pre-approval...just start the ball rolling)
  • go see Eragon with my daughter (son might go might go to amusement park with a friend)
  • sleep in
  • record Super Bowl for my husband (for me, too... if I'm not home)


Lilli said...

The hairy one reminds me of a friend my Dad used to have, whose name was Harry Byrd :)

Anonymous said...

Those birds are so cute!

Sue said...

Clockwise from upper left: (1) Ooo, tough. Definitely some Double-crested Cormorants in there, possibly Brandt's as well. Also Heermann's Gulls and Brown Pelicans. (2) Western Gull. (3) California Ground Squirrel. I'm ~pretty~ sure about this one- it's on the San Diego County Mammals Checklist (http://tinyurl.com/33jh7v) and the pictures in my field guide and the ones I googled look like it. Spotty back, pale neck and belly, brownish uppers, yep, I think that's it! (4) Brown pelican and (probably) Double-crested Cormorants. (5) Ring-billed Gulls.

Great pictures again! I've never seen a California Ground Squirrel in real life, so thanks for the peek! (I know I still haven't seen one in real life, but it FEELS more real, now!) That's a nicely-composed picture of the Ring-billed Gulls. Pretty!