Jan 30, 2007

My Personal Friday

As I sat at the over look, I heard someone get out of their car and gasp at the beauty, for nature is on one side-man made beauty on the other with the city view. This is Point Loma. My brother had called from the Atlantic side- the waves were calling on his last few days of vacation. My Pacific was also calling for me to come... alone. I'm taking it all in. (west view)

This is for me... deep & personal... I came out here alone in '89- to enjoy my Navy time- I met my husband. Now, almost exactly 17 years later, I'm leaving it once more.
(East view-all clickable)

IT. 'It' is hard to explain- a wide-ness, a grey-blue green, a deep freedom we all have in us, a one-ness, a where 'it' all started, a celebration, a wind to which a seagull rides, an expression.

A haze, a alone-ness, a peacefulness, a beginning, an end....a journey.

(edge on the oceanside)

...my very personal good bye to San Diego.


Kali said...

oh PJ what a bittersweet time for you.
Thanks for sharing your stunning pictures, and your personal thoughts.
Your journey continues...new beginnings my friend! xo

Cathy said...

Lovely thoughts and photos - as you move to the next phase. Closing doors can be tough but I think this door will always have windows in it.

Janine said...

I so felt what you were communicating. And you know what? The mountains give me the exact same feeling! California, Colorado--you have the sea in you.

Rebekah said...

What a wonderful post, a great way to say good-bye. Or is it adieu, because I'm sure you'll be back at least to visit.

Great pictures.

Sonia said...

Lovely post, Paula! Beautiful photos, too!

Mirre said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :))

What a beautiful place you're going to leave behind...good luck with the farewell!!

Jennifer said...

Paula - What lovely photos and a wonderful way to say goodbye to a place, by truly appreciating it. But so wonderful to know you are moving on to something even better!
Hope you are enjoying your dinner with your hubby RIGHT NOW!!! Bon appetit!!!
Bon voyage!!!