Jan 12, 2007

My Morning Drive

This is coming back to my neighborhood from the local high-school that is only about a mile and a half...Usually my daughter walks or bikes..Although the clouds were looking a little mean this morning.

Our Navy housing (run by civilian management) is on a huge crest north of the city. The two canyon pictures are of the Eastern view from this crest...Was hoping for a sun rise, but it wasn't happening.

The one with palm trees is the western view into my section of the neighborhood.
I have so much to blog about, but I'm feeling that pang of taking in the everyday sights before we move.
Lastly, I will do a second batch of 'Weird Things About Me' prompted by Cathy eons ago. I believe all this quirkiness is what brings us together! ...you know the rules.

  • I don't like the smell of eggs in the morning
  • I like to buy coffee from McD's or SD zoo..and reuse then for my morning coffee for a longer time than I want to admit.
  • Every time I wear a green shirt I get a stain on it...
  • My daughter and I play out this saga with a set of ladybug candles
  • I like to close my eyes while brushing my teeth
  • Noise bothers me...I absolutely believe it's a type of 'pollution'...like 'light pollution'

The ease of coming up with this stuff..confirms some things!


Sonia said...

Good morning, Paula!
Beautiful your neighborhood! I would love to see your street, too!

dkmca2003 said...

OK, you have to tell what you do with the ladybug candles. I love the California pictures. I know what you mean about the beauty of that place. Bill was stationed at Mather AFB for about 7 months and we've never forgotten traveling through that amazing state.

Tracy said...

what beautiful pics. I really enjoyed looking at them and knowing I have been there with you.take care

Deana said...

I don't like the smell of boiled eggs anytime...but I love deviled eggs.

I had no idea the Navy housing was so large and sprawled out there! That is a whole lot of houses. Are you getting excited about the move. I wonder if you are going to meet any fellow bloggers on your journey!