Jan 11, 2007

Ornaments of Christmas Past

Ok, ok...I know...no, I'm not the neighbor that takes their lights down in March...I'm just still enjoying Christmas 2006! The vintage ones are my favorite...the first photo shows my moms collection of candle holders or light holders for the tree... I believe the glass ones are about 90 years old.


Susan said...

Oh, those are beautiful. This year, when we went to my parents' house, I inspected their tree to see how many of the old glass ornaments that my mom still had (from her grandmother) and they're all gone now, broken. So, I can definitely appreciate the sentimental value of the ornaments as well as the care that you have taken in keeping them for so long.

Tracy said...

Love the old ornaments.You know how I like old things. They are very comfortable to look at.