Nov 16, 2006

In Memory

Our family has received word that my husband's twin has passed....two days before their birthday. She had some health problems throughout the year, but when into the hospital with pneumonia and passed away yesterday- this was a shock. After the Red Cross Message my husband has been airlifted from his ship (they were in the middle of the Persian Gulf) and he is currently in Bahrain waiting for the long flight to Georgia. It's so hard I can't be there for my husband immediately after, but I'm warmed by the thought his fellow Chiefs had gathered around him...collected some spending money and will be sending flowers to his family. The Captain and XO personally lead him to the helicopter. Even the pilot commented, "that's a first...I usually don't ever see the Captain and XO" He will be on emergency leave. This is very hard. My poor Niece is finishing up her Senior year. Words in this instance never clearly cover the magnitude of this. Words can't express how I can't wait to see my husband...but not this way. Thanksgiving will be hard though nice to have him home for the short time... it's all too hard.
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