Oct 6, 2006

Friday Thoughts

My husband has just been through a couple of days of stormy weather. They tried to avoid a typhoon in the mid-Pacific. Awesome shots that he sent!!!

On my bedside table-
*Art of Possibility by Rosamund & Benjamin Zander (awesome book)
*Chicano by Richard Vasquez
*Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space by Lois L. Hallcok
On board from Netflix-(for me ..It's from the library!)
*Finding Forrester
*Pay It Forward
Latest Interests-
*Paint color of walls in my future house
*Pen & ink with watercolor..would like to learn
*library books
*maintaining...trying to finish stuff
On My Mind-
*Quilts are coming back in my mind
*My kids are growing up fast
*Frustration of trying to lose the weight I want with what I'm doing
*That the USS Bunker Hill will be safe in foreign waters
*How to knit a sock...if I can ever just sit still long enough to really get into it
*That I must take care of myself in order to be right for the day
*If "should be" disappears from thought pattern then perspective is more accurate
*2 knitted throws with Paton's Bohemian for my daughter & son..this is comforting
*A knitted bear....that every one is sick of hearing about and rather see a completed picture!
*A pair of socks...my first
Looking Forward to-
*Christmas at my folks in CO
*After the new year ..closer to my husbands return
*Moving to CO in March
*Catalogs in the mail
*apple cinnamon potpourri
*French vanilla Millstone coffee
*Routine...it's comforting


  1. Wow, that's an incredible picture from the ship! Seasick me is glad I'm not there...

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you guys are going to your folks for Christmas. I was worried about you being alone but didn't want to ask and make it worse.

    We are praying for you guys and your sweet husband everyday.

  3. Oh wow, that is awesome. iw ould love to see more pictures of him at sea. Or really more pictures of the sea around him. I think I could live at sea happily.

  4. Wow Paula, what a picture!
    I`m glad you`re thinkin in quilts again! I remember the beautiful ones you showed here!

  5. Wow! Amazing photo of the stormy weather!
    I like your list, but I will return soon to read them again!

    PS: I just download Internet Explorer 7 and let's see what's happens!
    Hugs, Sonia.

  6. That was a nice post and it certainly showed us where your head was. The art show I attended last week....the winner of best in show was a quilt. It was awesome. She had made it for her son and it had fishing and hunting and wildlife things on it.

    Wonderful picture. AND SCARY. I think I would pass out.


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