Oct 6, 2006

Friday Thoughts

My husband has just been through a couple of days of stormy weather. They tried to avoid a typhoon in the mid-Pacific. Awesome shots that he sent!!!

On my bedside table-
*Art of Possibility by Rosamund & Benjamin Zander (awesome book)
*Chicano by Richard Vasquez
*Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space by Lois L. Hallcok
On board from Netflix-(for me ..It's from the library!)
*Finding Forrester
*Pay It Forward
Latest Interests-
*Paint color of walls in my future house
*Pen & ink with watercolor..would like to learn
*library books
*maintaining...trying to finish stuff
On My Mind-
*Quilts are coming back in my mind
*My kids are growing up fast
*Frustration of trying to lose the weight I want with what I'm doing
*That the USS Bunker Hill will be safe in foreign waters
*How to knit a sock...if I can ever just sit still long enough to really get into it
*That I must take care of myself in order to be right for the day
*If "should be" disappears from thought pattern then perspective is more accurate
*2 knitted throws with Paton's Bohemian for my daughter & son..this is comforting
*A knitted bear....that every one is sick of hearing about and rather see a completed picture!
*A pair of socks...my first
Looking Forward to-
*Christmas at my folks in CO
*After the new year ..closer to my husbands return
*Moving to CO in March
*Catalogs in the mail
*apple cinnamon potpourri
*French vanilla Millstone coffee
*Routine...it's comforting

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