Oct 9, 2006

It's Fall

I should be showing finished projects...knitting or crocheting, but it's just one of those cozy, grey, Fall days that I must capture. Never mind, I can't download a picture ...now I know what my blog friends are talking about. I've tried three times-various sizes. Nothing! As you know I'm heavy with pictures in my blog...geez.

Anyway, the dog was out in the yard in a very relaxed way ...just watching. That peaceful karma- watching every bird that tweets and jumps as it's catching it's bugs. We have wonderful black phoebes. They are very private, shy birds with perfect 'tweets' as it goes about it's morning. As I've described before, I call him, 'Mister Phoebe', as it seems they ask for that respect. The dance between the fence and the swooping down to grab that bug in the air is fun to watch. Every morning Nugget seems to enjoy it. She just watches...almost in a way that shows me she is relaxed in the moment, too. Never has she chased him off! Even with one of her ears 'backwards' (isn't that cute?) she just sits there....sometimes for up to a half hour!
Oh my, that almost scared me...a picture appeared as I'm writing!

For those of you who enjoyed the ship pictures, let me present the before and after. This was the 'after' picture of the past post. I do have to note, the person that took this picture was slapped on the wrist for it, as it was extremely dangerous to himself and the 'water tight integrity' of the ship! Kind of like, 'Don't do this at home' type thing ;)

Do you have that certain room that gets messy and it bothers you every time you walk through? The dining room is that room for me. I decided to check out something with dining room designs ...no wonder I don't get anything done!

I will share those ship pictures later as they never came through...I feel lucky to have one! you can't tell, but we do actually have trees changing colors! Have a great Fall day!


  1. Peaceful moment! Nice!
    I´ll be waiting the rest of the pics!

  2. How funny...the picture scared you! Doesn't it show that it is uploading. Try to never go over 600 pixels. The smaller the better just not so small there is no quality. You can go as low as 300 or 400 to ensure no one can enlarge or steal your pic!

    Nugget looks cool...very peaceful.

  3. I love your picture of Nugget and the writing was just as lovely. I felt more relaxed just reading it.

    Your pics. of the ship in today's post didn't show up for me.




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