Oct 23, 2006


As everyone is enjoying the cool temps of Autumn and even snow, I am enjoying the first bloom in a couple of years! Our temps are warm (in the 70's) and down to around 48 at night. My 'saved' geranimum grew back nicely, but after about two years still hadn't bloomed. The hot weather we had this past summer didn't help. Of course, to my delight my nursed plant had a surprise for me this morning! A lovely thing- because it's so representative of my own yin/yang lately!


  1. It must be happy if it finally bloomed. Glad it did.

  2. And the fragrance of geraniums is wonderful. What a nice gift for all your care!

  3. Oh, very pretty. I have a black thumb. I was thinking about you this morning. How are you guys?

  4. Love geraniums, they remember so much my grandmother's garden!

    Thanks for your visiting, Paula!
    Sure, the Sofia’s puppies are very cute! Sofia saw two mates in her garden making a court to Lisa, one Papa is a black one and another is brown with spots. I also think that it's very interesting that when a dog don't have pedigree, like Lisa and her mates either, the puppies looks like so different among themselves! We can't foresee how they will be!

    About the Destruction post, I agree with you,that house looks so lonely and abandoned! The owner moved to Portugal and don’t care about it. Just bad!

    I hope you have a good week!

  5. I love getting a surprise bloom!


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