Oct 24, 2006

"U" is for...

Unbalanced (before)
Umbel (carrot flower shown as example)
Ok, folks it begins like this: Creative energies are high...many things going on then it goes to the point of distraction. Distraction of life to the point of inability to concentrate on anything. Projects get lost in the bustle..Creative energies get jumbled to the point of confusion. I would like to say that is being a little overdramatic, but that is exactly how it feels. Then a mild headache begins...as if the brain actual hurts. Then the standstill...only the high priorities get accomplished- cooking, cleaning baths, chaffering midsize people, worrying of wellbeing (of everybody but myself), emails/letters from hubby, exercise when I can (at least three times a week), feeding dog....you know the important things. Then there is a weekend where their is no 'needs of me' and I mentally collapse- should be doing some things, but just can't fathom the desire. Bottom out. THEN the clarity hits...creative thoughts, wants, and desires...and I look at the 'before' and go, "What in the world?" and the after picture happens. All is clear again. Clear room, 'all clear' for projects, clear head, clear desires, clear want, clear taking care off. You get the picture.
Seems too easy to say this the pattern of when the levels of estrogen are below the progesterone, but I've tracked it...seems to be the case. In the late 30's just seems to be an issue I've never dealt with.
Anyway, it seems some melancholy thoughts are going around blogland ....but I'm enjoying these:
www.sculpture.org.uk/ what neat sculptures :)
Spinning My Life Away the beautiful state I'm moving to :)
Stichy and the bike cozy :)
...back to the "umbel"... I never knew there was a name for that design of flower. Look at this neat set of art inspired from this design!
May everyone have a great day!


carolyn said...

Wow you really got in gear and cleaned up didn't you? I think we all probably know what you mean, I know I could certainly use some clarity.

Sue said...

Isn't it great to declutter once in a while!? It's a little distressing, though how fast a 3-year-old can clutter it up again!

Cathy said...

When we move, we are out of balance for a bit before our feet land again. So being unbalanced leads to balancing, out of balance means you are getting some where. Unless you lose balance and we know what happens then :-)