Dec 7, 2013

..already December?

 This is VERY natural photo...short of doing my hair or putting on makeup, but THAT'S OKAY!  But Happy Birthday to me a little late...what a year this has been!!
 My finished shawl...much needed during these cold temps of present!!!   It's been in the thankful for my apartments HEAT!  We even had a 'snow day' because of the temps last week. Minimal snow, but things are staying white and reminds me of how much I really DO love a point ;)
 I still haven't found that photo of the AZ dust storm I drove through years ago...

I'm trying to fight my 'Ba Hum Bug' feelings this season. Nugget reminds me I need to get off Facebook or my latest addiction- Pinterest!  Every time I post here I realize how much I miss blogging.  I didn't attend my works Santa Express this year..kinda saddens me and I know it was about the kids....but this year it's a hunkering down for me. I did do something for myself today and acquired some much needed information. I know that is vague, but just trust the idea when you get information for yourself to help make decisions that can be a very positive thing as I go through this journey...and that is a good thing!
 You can still be festive in an apartment!
 My son decorated the outside :) I can always count on him!
My Dad will come 'down' for a visit for Christmas..we are waiting for the real tree cut from his land to show up!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Paula you are very beautiful! Love your new hair style too.
So beautiful your Christmas decoration, in and outside the apartment.
I am glad your father
will come for Christmas.
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.
Much love,

Zippi Kit said...

You are so Beautiful! I love that short style and used to wear my hair that way when Jazzie was a baby. Too thin now. Also, I see now where you got your lovely smile; it's from your mom.

Thanks for blogging again. missed you. Face is just tmi for me, the whole page is intimidating, but great for families.

Enjoy the Peace of the season, and it's promise.