Nov 24, 2013

~I am Thankful~

Hello my blog friends! It has been awhile and as I always say...I have missed you!!!! Sometimes life does get hard and I do have to say 2013 has been 'a year', but as we are approaching the end...all I can say is...I AM THANKFUL!!!  If it wasn't for my God, Family, and Friends I'm not sure how sane I would be, but  I am seriously feeling  that I am exactly where I'm suppose to be in, that is powerful to be able to say that!!!  SO, today I share a photo my son took at the top of Keystone on his first visit this season (he just left today for his third)...THAT is what life is about! Views to die for! ...and to be able to live back in the state that I love.  Life is grand!

I had finished my Dust Storm Shawl before my Mom had passed .

 I will forever remember that moment Mom was comfortable with the lull in the room as I was crocheting on it!
Meanwhile, sometimes this is what happens when attention is waned from Nugget.  She empties her basket! Giving time to each item...but failing to pick up her toys afterwards!

Then there is the Laptop Slither!!!  We all know it!!!  Look at me instead!

Then Vampy joined the gang this year!!!

Here is to you and yours this Thanksgiving! While I will enjoy a Lil Butterball this year son is making some pies.... we will take a moment to be Thankful for everything in our Lives! 
~Here is to more blogging days ahead!!!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Paula,
What a beautiful view of Keystone!
I know how much you miss your dear Mom... So beautiful shawl and I know it brings to you lovely memories...
Nugget has kind and sweet eyes. What a lovely friend!
I hope you a nice day.
Many hugs,

Zippi Kit said...

Sweet Sweet Nugget!