Oct 19, 2012

Pre Election {Important} Thoughts

Please read this story

I've been very quiet ...I respect everyone's view and do not feel the need to share my own. I'm not one of those people who needs a sign in my yard or a bumper sticker on my car. Never have...
I really don't wish to 'talk politics or religion' in my Golden Oasis corner of the world.

Although, as we approach another election...I'm torn. I have some strong Democratic views and I have some strong Republican views and at the end of the day....I wonder if we really know the truth from their marketing they do for themselves leading up to an election (yes, always a history with one). Has it really come to the basis of our vote on how exactly they 'act' or 'react' in formal debates?  (forget the ads...I don't want to hear ANY of them and try my best to mute them)  ..and if someone is paying you $50,000 a plate...of course, you may speak to that group!
 I think many of us independent thinking people can see through much of this...

All that aside...I want to speak about something that is very personal. As you all know, I have bi-racial kids. I don't know exactly how to say this, but ....black hair is important! The significance of this above picture and story is huge. It's not just a 5 yr. old boy saying something 'cute'...

I'll never forget the morning after the election... a bi-racial 5th grader clambered up on my bus and stopped. "Ms. Paula, guess what???" he asked excitedly.  "What?" I replied.
  "Our President is Black!" I smiled with him and told him, "You are ABSOLUTELY right!!!" And with that he went back to his seat. One of those moments that resonates within me today....

-It mattered-

Beyond our adult political views...our hardened skin to the whole election deal....few of us have more Presidents under our belt (so to speak) than myself and I respect that...and we can debate what has or has not been done in the past 4 years... I know what I'm missing, that I wish I would see/hear, from 'the men' that want to become President, but that is not the point of my posting!!!!!

 I know ONE thing that has been done... I feel the past few years have spoken volumes to many children, and that is a very good thing!!!  For all the little kids who may never get a chance to even SEE the White House, much less being in the presence of a  President that allows a child to touch his hair...this they know:
 It. Can. Happen.

That's all I wanted to share today and may God Bless either of the men who becomes our 45th President of the United States of America!


  1. Paula, thanks for your visit.

  2. Absolutely.

    And that's why we need a woman president soon.

  3. We have a very personable and endearing human being as our president. Thanks for sharing this very special moment, captured in a photo.

  4. Thank you Paula for this post and this special momment in the photo and for the link to the reportage.

    I am Brazilian, but as CNN always said, it is the USA election, but it has impact in all of us. Yes, in all the World!

    Many hugs!


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