Oct 17, 2012

It is October...afterall

The correlation is remarkable. Reminds me of doilies! Reminds me I should pick up a steel crochet hook!
I have a problem. I took so many photos of my adventures to the southern mountains, and I was excited to plug away and share with my dear readers....
 I took my 'memory stick' out of my camera  and realized it doesn't fit into anything on my new computer!  ..and the cord that came with the camera?  Hmmm, I believe I bought my camera in 2005 and after having a 'few' moves from '05-'12 has yielded it not to be in my possession, I am sitting here 'all dressed up and no where to go'!   Or march myself upstairs to the other monster computer...trip to Best Buy in the future?
Today was one of those perfect Fall days with blowing leaves and cold air! 
May the spiders continue to spin their webs!!


Elaine Normandy said...

If you have a USB port on your computer, there is a 99% likelihood that you can buy a cheap adapter that will fit your memory stick.

sonia a. mascaro said...

I am sorry you had problems with your camera...

Love seeing photos of fall days in USA. The colors are just stunning. In Brazil we don't have such colors in fall.

zippiknits said...

I can't wait to see the pictures you took. And, sorry for that missing cord and all. If anyone has an adapter, it will be Best Buy, but also check any Office Max or Depot or staples in a pinch. Check on line at the manufacturer's site, too, to see what suggestions they may have for secondary market peripherals.

That's a great shot of a misty spider web! And yes, crochet time is in the wings! Love the new background.