Jul 13, 2012

Part II Visit to my Parents Area

 I love seeing trees at high altitude (est.10, 000ft) that survive the elements!You wonder what that tree's story would be!
 Looking East to one of the Spanish Peaks....this is at the far back side of Forbes Park on Grojean Drive.
 Then, as you come down elevation a tad, you go through the Lodgepole pine portion...the photo doesn't capture the light filter that was going on...with those perfect sounding birds in the background! The same ones you hear in the movies and then there are those of us that identify them not to live in the type of scene showing in the movie....but this scene above...I just want to pitch a chair out -SIT , LISTEN, and WATCH! Down the road we came upon a elk...you wonder how they run through these forests with their width of antlers...with no problem?
 We were noticing a sunset beginning and my son said, 'Turn around!'  and this gorgeous cloud!
 This is the lake across from my parents house. So, as the sun set, the clouds rapidly changed!

 It was SURREAL!!!!
 We felt so special and small on Earth to be standing in the middle of the dirt road looking at this 'thing' unfolding in front of us! That night there was only distance lightening display...of course, we found out Colorado Springs had one of the worse hail storms ever!  Hmm, did we see the 'edge' of that storm?
 Of course...my Dad has 'Bunny Crossing's'!!!!
...and, of course, 'Chipmunk Crossing's'!!!!....and I have seen each use their respectful crossings!!!
**things that make you smile**


sonia a. mascaro said...

Your parents live in a gorgeous place and you took so beautiful photos from there!
What a stunning photos of the clouds!
Sounds Bunny and Chipmunk loves that area too.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend.
Big hugs.

Elaine Normandy said...

I love your photos.

Elaine Normandy said...

I love your photos.

Cathy said...

What a beautiful place! Paradise!!

Love the clouds.

zippiknits said...

Amazing photos. Lovely! The signage is very cute at your dad's house.

I'm slowly catching up with your travels and other doings. :-) We are catching up at home.