Jul 8, 2012

{Late Friday Fill-Ins} & Some Other Things

Natasha & Navi

My beautiful daughter with a black wolf named, Navi  (this is one that we were actually allowed in the enclosure with on our VIP tour!)  He warmed up to me very well. There was a couple there on a honeymoon and they had paid for the photos (you can't take cameras into enclosure)  and the wolf stuck next to me, so I helped get him over to them so they could have some pictures.  Navi was soooo gorgeous up close-I should say-HANDSOME......the thought of being that close to a wolf...and to be liked by him...it was so special!   On her 20th birthday, my daughter was on her Navy 6-Month Cruise, so this was her belated gift going to the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center in Divide, Colorado (outside Woodland Park, CO)  HWY 24 was closed due to the awful fire we have had, but the back way really was a treat!

{My late...as usual  Friday Fill-Ins}
1. I am happy when I have both my daughter and son together with me
It was sooo nice to have my daughter home!!!

2. Cantaloupe and strawberries are my favorite summertime fruits and vegetables. 
..forgot the 'veggie'...I like all!

3. To help me I do like reading my Bible
...I have a crocheted prayer shawl..that I'm actually making for myself.

4. Fishing is the one thing I want to do this summer more than anything! 
Probably not going to be this summer...licences are expensive and probably would go only once or twice...next summer. I have other licences to buy!

5. Just the other day I was saying I wanted to make peanut butter bars.
..I know...food.

6.Sometimes I think of stuff over and over again.
ruminating it's called...I'm getting better- the more I accept  I have no control over certain aspects of happenings.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to buffalo chicken Subway, tomorrow my plans include going with my son to get his permit and celebrate his 16th birthday and Sunday(tuesday), I want to start studying for tests to come!

I have some news, but I want to delay just a bit before I say it-just to make sure....but I'm excited on many levels!!!

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sonia a. mascaro said...

I am so glad to hear that Natasha is home! It's so great to have daughter and son together with you!
Sounds great to went to the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center. Love seeing this wild black wolf.

Just nice to read your "Friday Fill-Ins".

Many kisses and hugs.