Jun 21, 2012

Ugly Photos...or Not!

 QUICK! I have to capture something!!!!! I've been in the process of killing weeds- mainly thistles- that are torturous to touch- even with thick gloves...  using 'Ortho's Ground Clear'.  I dislike doing this...it's poison..I don't like it.  I have a sneaky snake that used to hang out in the basement window.  (no, I'm not afraid of snakes!) he was CUTE to me...just a garden snake. He'd hang out during the day, but be gone at night. When I see snakes, I don't feel fear...I see wonderful creatures that eat things we don't like! ...but now that I've been spraying...I haven't been seeing him :(   I do think that this is a Sun Flower...and I have been careful around it!
 Now, a thought came to me....how this all must look ugly.  Not pristine. Certainly, not 'perfect'...whatever that is....  below is the path to the sprinkler controller...I walk it every other day to the side of the house. Ok, no big deal, right?   wrong! This morning I had this vision of how beautiful this is!!!!  Path clear at times...with roughness/thorny things surrounding it...yet, through it all...is BEAUTY! Beauty of the imperfection...and the Ultimate Peace within this walk.  I mean, I dropped everything I was doing to capture this Path and post it on my blog. I HAD to capture it at the exact moment of my vision! I am so very thankful.

now, THIS? this is something different...THIS is the look you get from a Golden Retriever that has been called over to lay down after doing something she shouldn't be....I know, I know...such exploiting of her precious feelings!

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sonia a. mascaro said...

First of all, LOVE the face of dear Nugget! So kind and adorable!

So beauiful all these little pebble on the ground.
Wow! A snake hang out in the basement window? Oh! I fear so much snakes...all kind, all species... You are very couragous!