May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Couple of pieces late of taking a picture! My son took a cart over to the bakery and hid some stuff on top of it....

Beautiful tulips & chocolates from my son arrived on Friday! So very nice. My daughter is at sea on her 6 month cruise and sent something as well...kind of a part 2 to the gift she will get when she comes for a visit :) Stay tuned....
THEN, Friday night...DING-DONG...I answered shaking my head, 'I didn't order pizza' the nice lady said, 'It's okay....a friend paid for it'  I still have not figured out who my 'friend' was....but THANK YOU!  Loved it!            
   *****All good things indeed! Here's hoping all my readers that are mother's are having a nice special day as well!!******


sonia a. mascaro said...

Happy Mother's Day dear Paula!

The cake is beautiful and looks delicious! Gorgeous tulips! Love chocolates and pizza too!

Your son is so sweet! I hope your daughter have a great time at sea on her 6 month cruise.

Many hugs e much LOVE!

zippiknits said...

Happy Mother's Day week! hehehe

Magic Pizza, there is nothing better than that! What a lovely friend.

Love the photo of your table, gifts and lovely cake smuggler's cake. The spider though, it gives me the creeps. That one might kill me. hehe