May 10, 2012

Ah-Ha Moment

 Look at this wonderful table my DS made!!!   (my DB's tiki behind is concurring the families handiwork)
 Monday's wonderful rain had a few white things in it!  I hear there may be more this weekend- I can't wait! Although, I know Nugget can- she seems so depressed when there is no Sun!
Last but not least, I found this little teacup in my craft room that I am sloooowly going through. It sat without a purpose on my coffee table for about four days...I was going to make a fancy pin cushion, but the truth of the matter is- I like my tomato one. I wasn't going to make any more, so it was kind of the redheaded stepchild (why do people say that?) in the craft room. I was about to banish it to the 'Give Away' bag....but THIS MORNING- it spoke to me!!!!  It would be home to one of the succulent my dear blog-friend-that-isn't-just-a -blog-friend anymore GAVE ME!   ....and there you have it!
       **My posting and emailing my DD is what I'm doing today....the rest is just distractions!


  1. You've found the perfect spot for that baby! Just don't water too much, hehe.

    The mountain snaps are spectacular. The dikes that run up to the mountain are usually pegmatites that contain silver and gold. I'm glad that someone left those alone! Gorgeous pictures!

  2. For some reason (isert googlie eyed smile here) I got confused and thought that the wonderful table your DS made for you was on the next up post.

    It's so great! Looks perfect for putting next to the comfy knitting chair to hold a cuppa and a treat. Woodworking definitely runs on your side of the family. Do you ever think of taking it up?

  3. What a wonderful table your son did. Well done!

    Love your so spacious view. The teacup with the succulent are so pretty.

    Big hugs.


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