May 10, 2012

Ah-Ha Moment

 Look at this wonderful table my DS made!!!   (my DB's tiki behind is concurring the families handiwork)
 Monday's wonderful rain had a few white things in it!  I hear there may be more this weekend- I can't wait! Although, I know Nugget can- she seems so depressed when there is no Sun!
Last but not least, I found this little teacup in my craft room that I am sloooowly going through. It sat without a purpose on my coffee table for about four days...I was going to make a fancy pin cushion, but the truth of the matter is- I like my tomato one. I wasn't going to make any more, so it was kind of the redheaded stepchild (why do people say that?) in the craft room. I was about to banish it to the 'Give Away' bag....but THIS MORNING- it spoke to me!!!!  It would be home to one of the succulent my dear blog-friend-that-isn't-just-a -blog-friend anymore GAVE ME!   ....and there you have it!
       **My posting and emailing my DD is what I'm doing today....the rest is just distractions!
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