Mar 1, 2012

Green Velvet

 Nature really does have all the answers in life when you think about it...the tenacity of the green velvet hanging on to the rocky edge....and the world IS round after all. (...go ahead, put a straight-edge to it!)

Something has occurred that I'm just not ready to share, but I'm going back to the below...
As I try to construct words and thoughts, just ponder on the Light of the West. Whether it is the California coast or the Rocky Mountains, both are equally beautiful...and I'm sure Guam would have been as well.
                        ~ There is Good in this life and I will continue to know it, seek it, and live it~
~All I can say, February signifying 22 years of marriage-or so I thought, was the worse month 'HELLO MARCH'!!!!

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Oh man. I hate the sounds of doors closing, tho the window opening to the mountains is always a good one.
Let me know if you need anything.