Feb 27, 2012

Things that Matter..

 Wanna see the cutest thing?  When I had met Zippiknits....Sometimes ...
 She gave me my very own Dolphin..as a token from San Diego!  I'm thinking of using it as a fob..at the end of small scissors might be nice :)  ...because I'm about to do a LOT of crafting!!!  I'm just gearing up for it!
 ..and let me not forget the BOX...work of art! Thank you so very much...L
...another thing that matters... I like when Nugget sleeps (well, she is humoring me right now) and she has her ear out....so not to press against it.  -That is just neat to me-


  1. Moving back to Colorado - did I read your side bar right?

    Lovely fob - people are so generous and creative!!

  2. Nugget is so sweet! Love the ear thing, and yes, the fob would be very clever for that little sparklie.



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