Apr 23, 2011

A Naked Driveway!

Knew THAT would get your attention! 
 Well, today there was a squirt of SNOW and my son spotted a WILD TURKEY just walking through the school property behind us! Just feeling like an odd day.
 My driveway rubble
 Unfortunately, the big beautiful Blue Spruce tree was causing some problems in the driveway. I do believe that 20 years ago these were planted here when the house was built. In the end-I kind of smile because nature/earth won...strong enough to move cement!
 I did feel bad for the tree...looking at that pile of roots!  I could feel my trees pain in this! ...my cute lil' black car is like, 'WHAT is the meaning of this? I've never slept out on the street before!"
 If someone was to bring in a VA loan...this wouldn't pass. If we rent...we'll, it's a liability. I'VE even tripped on it!

This is a few items while I was on blog break! If you would like to schedule a showing please call!


Anonymous said...

Glad you were to get it done!! I did not realize your driveway was so big!! Poor LBC!! Love ya, Tracy

sonia a. mascaro said...

Sounds great to have a wild turkey walking near your house!

Your driveway is really big.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

zippiknits said...

You do have a rather large drive way, Grrl. Poor little black car. hehe

We have a few little cracks in ours but that one looks like the tree was eating the cement! Wow!

Wild Turkeys on the school grounds. I guess they are going to go back into the mountains now. Ours stay in the mountains but come down to the foothills in winter.

That painting technique is very intriguing. I'm setting up a card shop in the Fall, and this will be quite handy. Odorless mineral spirits are the way to go for long term uses. The other stuff does make a person woozie. Thanks for the link. :*)