Feb 27, 2011

...Just Thinking

 As I was reading my favorite blogs, I was enjoying a view. A room with a view. It's getting darker outside this morning and wind is present. Before I could capture it with my camera, I sketched it. One day I want to put watercolors to my sketches.The texture-less white clouds are coming in quickly, yet at the mountain horizon was this beautiful clear baby blue strip of sky.
A few minutes too late. My blue strip being occupied.  I have three levels of my home. I usually open blinds and get all areas tidy first thing on a weekend morning.  Lately, I've been hanging out on the top level-this was  from my dining room chair. As you know my house is 'for sale'...which means...tidy rooms, cleanliness, going through things....do I really need something that I haven't used/looked at in the past four, six, ten years or so?... how many moves have I had this stuff move with me? Should it be packed for the next move?
Now, I don't think I have extraordinary amount of stuff  (I've seen some!), but now that one birdy has left the nest and only three years from the next one doing the same, it has occurred to me, I'm enjoying my minimal thoughts lately!
I'm moving into a place that is, depending on floorplan, 1200-1330 sq. ft.! I'm beginning to like this idea!

I have to chuckle when watching those 'home buying' shows on television- 'We're looking for a 5,000 sq. ft....'   Oooo-kay.... WHY?  Then my overthinking -mind goes to the realm of ...this is what is wrong with America...

Speaking of which, MIND MAPPING ! I've sketched like that before and didn't even know it had a name! Works of art! The more I think about it, I don't over-think, I just think about too many things at once!  HA

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  1. I'm a fan of mind-mapping also. I use the Freemind program.



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