Feb 20, 2011

I'm still seeing red! Of course, it's still February...my most favorite month. I have been married 21 years this month. As I reflect...it seems only yesterday that I got married to my soul mate. We were young, but somehow we knew. It's that knowing..the teamwork...the equal-ness. Perhaps many years ago people would have judged (I'm sure they still do...) but we have what a lot people don't! I'm not talking material things, but our deepness of love and vision for ourselves. Of course, with DH being there and I'm here (this time it isn't the Navy's fault!) it's a choice we made and then the Navy made the continuing choice that we believe will be best for us. I think next month is a key month. A home just like ours- just around the block- is under contract. I think it shows a little older than ours, but their price is more market friendly.

So, my mind wonders. Rest assured, I have a few yarn projects going, but sometimes my mind is not still enough to make any headway. Red Work came into my mind today..what better way that to highlight what is on Flickr!


MarĂ­a Elena said...

Hi Paula, congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I loved the work in red, I never tire of admiring the embroidery.

zippiknits said...

The red work post is lovely, and I think you and your DH are true soul mates. It shines out in the way you write, and beautifully so, about your life together.

You are a very inspirational writer.

Cathy said...

Good luck selling your house - the market seems to be moving a bit. I think everyone wants to move to the Springs - now El Paso is the most populated county in CO!!