Jan 9, 2011


Houses are on my mind.
So, I thought I would do something different- make a mosaic of some favorite homes from Flickr. This year I think I will use my account more! I added many of my blog readers as contacts this morning. Make use of the technologies and enjoy others photos as well!..and play :)
 I lifted my coffee cup and there was nothing... don't you hate that? I made Starbucks Breakfast Blend this morning...if you are wondering.
Officially, our HOME is on the market! 
I'm going back to play at Big Huge Labs, drinking coffee, and settle in for a Sunday night snow storm. Locally they are looking for 3-5" and 7-10" in north part of the county..... THAT may be a recipe for a.....SNOW DAY???? ...and oh, how many favorite blogs are awaiting!!!!

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zippiknits said...

I'm slowly setting blogs to "Follow", too. It really makes sense, doesn't it?

Wolfie's in my lap so these comments are brief...lol!

Best wishes on the sale of your home. I really love the composite you made of of houses.