Jan 1, 2011


The storm was starting!
More wind than snow!

Fluff Muffin somehow always find her way into the shot!
Then all of a sudden there is this 'puppy crazy' (although 6 yrs old) Blur of Fur....
Nugget says... she doesn't know what I was talking about!
I wouldn't let this day go past without making a record of it on my blog :) Happy New Year everyone! Resolutions? I don't have any per se.... maybe more walks for Nugget, maybe more finished projects, maybe more books read.....maybe sell a house....(of course, I cannot control that one)
2011- the year itself...stands out to me for some reason!!  I like the Google image today...did you see it?

I know it seems cliche to say...I straighten out today, but I did a lot today as I'm meeting with the Realtor on Wednesday!  ...but seriously, we will be downsizing with the summer move....so, I'm really looking at stuff...because it really is just that -stuff-  

My DH is safely where he belongs...my DD is safely where she belongs...Christmas down...back to work on Monday. I've simply loved my Christmas break! I don't look forward to the cold, the outdoor effect, the very early times, but I'm ready to get back....have two new students aboard that day from yet a third school, so I think my times will be late in the afternoon...also a mention that both can be challenging. 
 Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my International Coffee- Vanilla Caramel Latte....

May 2011 be all that I think it is going to be!!!


zippiknits said...

Happy New Year, PJ. It's good to hear that everyone is safely back and on the job. Muffin pics are adorable! She i getting a little gray but she still knows how to play like a pup!

Oh, boy. resolutions time! Made some, too- some old, some new. hehe

sonia a. mascaro said...

All the best to you and yours in 2011!

Nugget looks always adorable!