Aug 14, 2010

Here We GOooo!

I'm SO tempted to turn off the comments because I'm so sick of spam. I have all my readers emails- I'm thinking they have mine? Since 'replying' to comments are hard because of the 'no-reply' address, I just forward my reply to their emails. Am I the only one that replies to peoples comments?
anyway, got side tracked there for a moment. That is very easy to do at the moment. Work started back and I'm loving the job I love. Sounds odd, but it's pretty simple without going into too much details!
I will say this before we get started.... one of the Navy's advertising motto used to be 'Let the Journey begin...' should have been the post title, but anyways... keep what I just said IN MIND for future reference!!!
oh, by the way, I'm smitten with my new look- if I may so myself!!

{all photos are clickable}

Going west...this is a favorite areas in Colorado- South Park area west of Wilkerson Pass (9507 elev.)....and there in the middle of nowhere USA there was a hot air balloon! I wasn't the only one enjoying the sights at 6:30 in the morning! If you look closing you see the Mosquito Range.
We are fresh and ready to go...little car packed down and ready to roll!

We went the 'back way' to Interstate 70. Through wonderful little tow Alma, over Hoosier Pass (11,539 elev.) a lovely switchback road into Breckenridge. Now jumping ahead to I-70, I muss tell you the feat it was for this highway to be 'put in'.... a must read !
when you are driving through this area and ponder the thought there are around 49 mountain passes..... you begin to realize why our licence plates are so expensive! compared to other states! I found an awesome site to fully round up all the passes!

Now coming the back way we missed Eisenhower Tunnel, but there are a few more!

Heading into Glenwood Canyon.
Now, just to let you know, while we are rolling along....many times it is the DRIVER taking pictures...I am watching the road not necessarily the there will be angles are off, glares on the windshield and even a crack! horror...coming from Denver after saying goodbye to my daughter I got, not one, but TWO a trip to a mobile place that seals right before this trip. He did a good job and it didn't run any need for a new windshield..yet. the angle on this IS correct! the road and the view... here is a nice link to really show you what the road looks like!

Keep in mind....the goal is always to keep this road open in the winter. (majority of the ski areas are reached from this road!)
...then it's like you run into an area that is COMPLETELY different. I believe this was near Rifle. Book Cliffs! The geology along I-70 is magnificent. If you want to get deeper visually see this and this ! I think I want to be a geologist in my next lifetime! It fascinates me....


Aim said...

Beautiful views! Thanks for sharing your lovely mountains! We don't see that much here in the Great Lakes :)

Cathy said...

Looks like the Bookcliffs - gorgeous trip!

Love the new look!!

I have been overwhelmed with stuff at home that I haven't replied to comments to my blog.

Vik said...

Beautiful pictures PJ, thanks for sharing! I can imagine how the landscape will change in the Winter with all that snow!