Aug 22, 2010

It's Sunday as I continue...

Driving into Utah, you immediately see the difference! It was great to see people still stop for state signs!...however, we were on a mission and it was our goal to capture everything through the windshield...bugs, cracks, and all!
Too bad this was blurry, but the beauty in the rocks are just gorgeous in Utah!

Now, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.....EXCEPT for a very isty-bitsy minor detail!!
IT"S 119 DEGREES!!!!!!!! 'oh, but, it's a drrrryyy heat.....' ahhhh, excuse me, but if there was some humidity in the air WE COULD POSSIBLY BREATHE!!!!!! (That is my son with a beautiful clenched smile....if you don't take that picture soon...I may not be reasonable for my reactions)
(You have never seen a dog do their business so fast as Nugget did that day.... poor baby's paws!)'s beautiful. Not a soul for miles...(no wonder) the MARS ROVER is probably out here somewhere!
At this point, your praying you don't have a flat tire....

We did the time we did it had chilled down to a mere 112 degrees....
Next morning...bright in early... Arizona! Just waiting for the Immigration check....but from this side going south on Interstate 15-there are no checks. hmmm...maybe I shouldn't express that? Last time I checked, though, it was America. It's only 29 miles long- as you are clipping the corner. A pretty corner, but then again...absolutely no one around. Except for a beautiful canyon......

Virgin River Gorge

We almost missed it...... Nevada sign! Again, forgive my crack that I acquired 12 hours before my trip (left to right) then the BUG SMEAR (up and down)! Now, most state borders have neat signs...spread OUT....but Nevada? Well, you are driving 75 MPH (we are going *clearing throat* 80!) and you better read all the state signs in a split second because they disappear fast! messy I say...


  1. When I make that drive I am astonished not so much at the isolation but that anyone settled anywhere out there at all.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the trip!


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