Jun 24, 2010

This, That, and the Other

1924 Chevy- $480
So, I have plans for a late Father's Day gift...knitted version of something I can't say- in case my DH is reading ;) It's late because I want my son and I to hand it to him! That's right- we are going on a ROAD TRIP! I have a little car which I use for mainly around town and work. It really hasn't gone longer than 150 one-way! I'm enjoying pondering how to pack and pack light! So, sometime in July it's OUR turn to go to San Diego.
2008 -$way too much
SO, the 'Cute Little Black Car' gets to go on a TRIP! ..she's smiling...can't ya tell?

My ever growing 'Summer Project' list is being squelched by the summer days going too fast.

Lately, my TV interests have included Property V*, Holmes on Homes, Unsellable, International House Hunters...I think you get the picture. I'm enjoying my days of wandering around not paying attention to time.

Today is cooler and with not a cloud in the sky I really should be outside fiddling around the OUTSIDE of the house! Which ends up putting me further from my 'project to do list' :/

Because of another pondering, I found this link satisfying!


Vik said...

I LOVE this black car!
And needless to say I like the ladybug link...

Lorette said...

Roadtrip time! That sounds like fun!

Who knew there were so many kinds of ladybugs??